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My top 10 favorites original characters of mine

1. Rachbak Nippon:
Aspergers Syndrome
Belongs to no fandom.

2. Alice Harrison Singh:
Aspergers Syndrome (in the STID world, it is Level 10 Aspergers.)
Fandom-Star Trek Into Darkness.

3. Todd Vampyrum:
Nightmare Demon (Justice One)
Used to belong to Sweeney Todd, but now he is declaring independence from the fandom.

4. Grinch-ler:
Partly Grinch (due to one night of the Sour Sweet Wind)
Trademark-Top hat with broken red ribbon, eyes, and green neck fur.
Fandom-Dr. Suess.

5. Suzy Wonder:
Half Disney Villian/half human
Trademark-Brown hair on top, green hair in the middle and bottom.

6. Hamlet Fate:
Half Nightmare Demon (Justice One)/half human
Belongs to no fandom.

7. Esther Hades:
Trademark-Grey short hair and ruby eyes
Belongs to no fandom.

8. Daniel England:
Trademark-Short green hair and ruby eyes
Belongs to no fandom.

9. Alfred Noonien Booth:
Half Augument/half human
Fandom-Wild Target and Star Trek Into Darkness.

10. Victoria:
An Angel with Augumented blood
Place of birth: Greece

Will the internet be better if we put in social cues in our artwork for those with autism? 

5 deviants said Yes. (comment reason why)
No deviants said Maybe. (comment reason why)
No deviants said No. (Please be civil about your reason why)



Coloring of an advertisement by Rachbak
Coloring of an advertisement
Lineart-The owners of Jafax, an anime convention coming out this summer.

  I had came across this during my stay at Midwest Media, a con I went to the weekender before my birthday. It looked cool, so I promised the founders that I will color for them.

  If anybody is coming to the con, please repost this to their Facebook page. It goes under the same name as their convention. Though if you do repost this, please give me credit. After all, I am the one that colored it.

  Thank you!
  The scars on Jack Frost's arms caught the attention of Khan Noonien Singh. His reaction was that of horror and concern. "Jack, where did you get these?" he questioned him.

   Jack smiled sadly. "I accidentally got into a fight with Bunnymund", he lied.

  Khan was not moved. "Jack", the man growled, "Those wounds were not inflicted by another person. They seemed to be caused by you, so just spare us an argument and tell me the truth."

  The 300-year old boy frowned. "To be truthful", he said, "I had been cutting myself since I found out that nobody believed in me. I would find sharp objects and do harm to myself, until I found somebody that believed in me. All that changed when you saw me. were suffering too, but it made me want to help you. Your happiness...was all I ever wanted, because it made me happy too...When you were out in space,...I went bad to this sickening habit....Now you're here with me, Khan..."

  He hugged him. His warmth surprised Jack Frost, but at the same time, it was a heart-warming one. The young man looked up to him with tears flowing in his blue eyes. Khan Noonien Singh looked down on his friend and told him, "Frost..I care about you. You had always saved me from a variety of perils in the past. Now it is my turn to save you."

  The Augment took his Guardian friend to the kitchen, where he patched up the cuts with bandages. Jack Frost stopped crying by that time. Then Khan did something that surprised the immortal teen. He took out a black Sharpie pen and wrote a message on his wound dressings. Jack looked at it, which read:

    Jackson Overland Frost
    74th crew member
    My dearest friend 

 "Something to remind you when you go out there and protect those kids", Singh said. 

  Jack Frost blushed and smiled. "Thank you, Khan", he replied to his friend.

  "You are forever welcomed, Frost." 

The Coldness-Recovery
Warning: Attempts at suicide and tons of feels.

  Inspired by this picture:Jack Frost self-harms (tw:selfharm) by hyacinthess 

Jack Frost (Chris Pine)-Rise of the Guardians
Khan Noonien Singh (Benedict Cumberbatch)-Star Trek Into Darkness

PS I secretly ship these two together. 


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 10:20 PM
  Hey guys! It's me, Rachbak. I have announcements to make, if you ever still care for that kind of stuff.

1. A convention in my town-October 3rd is the annual local anime convention. Since I am one of their non-profit artists, I had decided to make prints of my artwork. So that would mean I would have to make digital ones online and offline. Plus I have a possible chance to put up my drawing in the library.

2. In addition to what I've said above, that would mean I would have to put the comic collection on hold twice. Once for June and again in October. I hope you are all ok with this.

3. You know the site I joined earlier this month?…. Yes, I might be spending more time there, because lately, DeviantART is becoming less of a home and more of the dreaded place in my teenage life (which I'm happy that it will end next year). From suspicious people to backstabbers, I don't know how I can gain that sense of innocence I once had when I first joined here. Unless this site changed their behavior rules or anything that may ease my growing mind, I am not going to be tolerating any of this mucky crap.

 If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please place them below.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Rachbak. I had been a member of this site since 2011 and I like it here. I'm a fangirl, but I do have a cast of OCs (original characters).

Personailty: Sweet, kind, caring, inspirational, loving, and proud to be me.
Likes: Japanese comics/cartoons, good friends, my OCs, other people's works, and life.
Dislikes: Revenge, gallows/hangings, unauthorized showing of skin, insults, and the word 'retard'.
Favorite OC: Rachbak and Alice Harrison Singh
Favorite male character: Ranges from Khan Noonien Singh to Jack Frost.
Favorite female character: From Alice (Resident Evil) to Miku Hatsune.

My quote: "Treat your OCs with care and love. That is what will make you a better person".


You're welcome!
Thu Feb 12, 2015, 7:54 PM
Thanks for the fave
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You're welcome!
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